Project Little One

Honda CB Two Fifty / AJS EOS

When I have the time I will up-load all the tech stuff I have PDF workshop manuals ect.

The Engine

1994 Honda Two Fifty CB
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I've been the proud owner of my 1994 Honda Two Fifty CB since 2014. It's a Honda Two Fifty CB not a Honda 250 CB, akin to the Honda Rebel/Hornet 250 and sold in th USA as the Night Hawk. I bought the engine in very poor condition all-but running well, especially considering the age of it.

The Honda Two Fifty CB Engine


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The Mk 1 Eos was designed by Johnny Pag and manufactured by Lifan Motors who produce parts/bike for a number of manufacture including Harley Davidson and sold in the UK under the AJS brand . I have had the AJS EOS since ???? and been playing around with it,engine change part upgrades.


Long tear drop
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I forget what the tank came off, but it's been filled to loss the seams where possible. Sprayed more times than I care to remember.Fitted with a tractor glass bowl filter and tap, with copper piping to the carburetor. The filler cap has been sanded back smooth to remove all ridges and polished, refitted with brass machine screws

Projects Rebel - I'll start with a brief introduction. My name is Chris, but most folks simply call me "Looker". I'm a carpenter/handyman, one of the lucky one that can turn a hand to most jobs. This is my motorcycles, there are many others unlike it but this is mine. My motorcycles is my best friends. It's my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my motorcycle is useless. Without my motorcycle I am useless. I must ride my motorcycle true. I must ride better than the cagers, who are trying to kill me. I must outride them before they crush me. Before God I swear this creed: my motorcycle and myself are defenders of the open road, we are the masters of our highways and byways, we are the saviors of life. So be it, until there are no cagers, but peace...